Where To Meet People In College Other Than Bars

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There are tons of places in which you can meet people in college.

But the first thing that most people usually think of, is the bar. The bar is often looked at as the “easiest” way to meet people and socialize. And while yes, slamming down 24 white claws and then talking to a girl who’s a 4 (at best) sounds like a good idea, it probably isn’t.

There is nothing wrong with meeting people at a bar, but it is important to realize that there are other places where you can meet new people and form friendships. In today’s article, I am going to talk about some places where you can meet new people other than at a bar. This is the first article I have posted in over a month and a half, so I am actually going to try and post consistently from here on out (fingers crossed).

If you have any questions about this article, reach out to me on Instagram and I will answer your questions.

1) Your classes.

This one is pretty basic, but it makes sense. Meeting people in your classes is one of the best ways to find new friends and meet new people while in college. Whether you are trying to find a girl to hook up with, or a group of dudes to play Dungeons and Dragons with, you have unlimited options. Bars attract one type of person, but a class is a field full of opportunities.

I usually try my best to reach out and talk to new people during the first few weeks of classes. I’ll sit next to the attractive girl that I want to talk to or hang out near the dudes that look like they would be a fun group to hit the club with. Sit next to the people who you want to talk to and it makes it much easier to meet them.

If you have already been in classes for 8 weeks and you are tired of crying yourself to sleep while watching a teenage girl TV show as a 22-year-old dude, you still have a chance. If you are in a lecture hall, find someone to talk to and sit in a new area. It is important to branch out and get out of your comfort zone when you want to meet new people. Find someone new and invite them to study with you, or ask someone if they have PS4 and see if they want to help carry you through every game of Apex Legends that you ever play because you suck at it.

Starting a conversation with people in class really isn’t that hard. Hit them with the “hey what’s your name”, introduce yourself, ask them their major, and then take the conversation from there. It will be obvious if they want to talk to you, and if they do, give it a shot. If they don’t then don’t worry, because there are 14,000 other people in your gen-ed psychology class and they are all equally as bored as you are. Worried that you are going to choke and say something awkward when talking to that girl you have been crushing on? Don’t. How often has someone walked up to you to say hi, and you thought “wow they said some weird stuff.”. Probably not very often.

2) School sporting events.

This one is better if you have another person with you, but if you are willing to give it a shot, it can work by yourself too. Football games, basketball games, underwater basket weaving matches (yes, that is a thing at my university), and tailgates for all of these events are great places to meet new people.

It is easy to talk to people when you have a common interest, and there is no better common interest on earth than sports. Start talking to the person you are standing next to in line, ask them what their thoughts are on ______ player or how they think _______ game is going to go. Strike up a conversation with whoever you are sitting next to and see what they are like.

Plus, if you do what I suggested in the previous section and sit next to the people who look like they would be cool or interesting, it makes it even easier to talk to those people. It probably isn’t a good idea to trash talk them if they support a different team (like every University of Florida fan on earth), or to tell them that they know nothing about sports, but a conversation should be good enough.

3) Neighbors.

You will probably see your neighbors a billion times throughout the year. Whether they are the weirdos who play dubstep music at 3 AM or the kids who seem super chill and funny, you will be bound to get along with at least some of them (unless they are the dubstep kids).

I met a lot of people when I lived on campus, and 90% of the interactions started with me talking to them in the elevator. Elevators are awkward enough already, so there is no need to make them more awkward by staring at your phone and pretending to be interested in whatever basic travel pictures are being posted.

Start with a simple “Hey, how’s it going” to the girl next door as you pass her on your way to class. Introduce yourself. Ask her how she likes living here. Then, say how it was nice to meet her as you leave and talk to her a bit more every time you see her. Next thing you know, you guys could really be hitting it off and you end up dating the girl only to realize that she’s actually a psychopath who doesn’t even go to your college and is only living there to get away from her parents. But hey, guess what, you wouldn’t have known if you didn’t talk to her.

Okay, okay, I realize my jokes aren’t funny and that wasn’t a good example, but I think you get what I am saying. The only reason that most people struggle to meet someone, is because they don’t try. Going out and standing at a bar not talking to anyone doesn’t count as trying. As long as you make at least a little bit of effort, you will eventually begin to meet people.

4) Common areas.

Would I blow your mind if I told you that you can easily meet people in places where people usually hang out? Crazy, right?

On the real though, areas where people congregate and linger around, are good places to meet people. A good example that I can think of straight-off-the-bat, is the student union or dining hall of your campus. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking a girl if you can sit next to her when there aren’t any other open tables around. As long as you aren’t weird and creepy about it, there shouldn’t be a problem. Talk to the person next to you in line. Anything, really.

The one exception that I tend to make, is when people are studying. I don’t like interrupting people who seem like they are busy, so I would (personally) avoid talking to people who are extremely focused or into what they are doing.

5) Campus events.

It is undeniable that 99.9% of college events are lame. I don’t know why campuses think a group viewing of “Peppa Pig” with free pizza is a good idea, because we all know that people will just take the pizza and leave. But, there are some college hosted events that can be pretty cool. Whether it is a comedy night, a pool party, free food, an interesting movie, or an ice-cream social, there are bound to be at least a few interesting events.

And while a lot of these events aren’t very good, there is one thing that is good about them; the people. A lot of people who go to these types of events are people that don’t have much else to do and don’t know a ton of other attractive studs like yourself. The entire purpose of most of these events is to HELP new students to meet others. So, take advantage of it and use the time to socialize and show other people why you are such a lit guy.

The number one thing that stops people from making new friends and meeting others, is themselves. I like to approach meeting people with the mindset of “I don’t know them already so it’s not like it can get any worse”. Not talking to someone because you are afraid you are going to say something stupid doesn’t really help anything, because you already have no idea who the person is so it’s not like you are going to make it any worse than it already is. But, heading to these places should help you meet a balanced and cool group of friends. If not, hey, there is always the 24 white claw option mentioned earlier.

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