Rush Events 101: How To Rush A Fraternity

Rush season is one of the most important times of the year for the Greek community.

Rush events are an important building block for all fraternities, and they are the foundation of all future members of those fraternities. They help to recruit new brothers, and they are a very simple, but necessary part of joining a fraternity.

But, potential new members overthink them. There are way too many people that come to rush events and act as if they are a formal business meeting. They act tense and awkward, and it kills the entire vibe of the whole event and results in them not even getting a bid.

So, with rush season approaching, I figured it was time to address a few things about how to rush a fraternity.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, shoot me a DM on Instagram and I will answer your concerns.

Formal vs Casual.

There are two types of rush events: formal, and casual. They are entirely different vibes, so make sure to realize which is which before you show up.

A majority of rush events are going to be more on the casual side of things. These are chill experiences in which you show up, talk with the brothers, and try to make friends with them. There is usually music playing, and the brothers will be hanging out and throwing a football or talking. Formal events, on the other hand, are a bit more professional. But, this article is focusing on casual ones since they are much more common.

A majority of rush events take place in the fall or the spring, but do some research and figure out if the fraternities that you are interested in participate in Summer rush events. If they do, definitely consider attending them, because attending these events will give you a huge advantage over members attempting to join in fall. If you begin to meet brothers over the Summer, you will form more of a connection with them and they will take to you being a part of the Fraternity.

Plus, there aren’t nearly as many new members that try to rush in Summer, so you have a much better chance at forming connections with brothers.

What to wear.

When showing up to a casual rush event, don’t overdo it, please. When people show up wearing loafers and a collared dress shirt, it just feels like they are trying too hard. Look nice, but don’t act like you are going to see a symphony with your grandma.

I would suggest going with some nice khaki shorts, and a well-fitting t-shirt or polo. Make sure your hair isn’t a mess, and please shave off the scraggly goatee. If you can pull off a beard, go for it, but if it’s “not quite there yet”, I would recommend going clean shaven.

Here are some things not to wear:

  • chubbies (they make it look like you are trying too hard to be “frat”)
  • pastel colors (same as prior)
  • cargo shorts (no explanation needed)
  • lanyards hanging out of your pocket (makes you look like a high school kid)

How to act.

When attending a casual rush event, be yourself. The worst thing you can do is pretend to be a “frat” guy or pretend to be anyone that you aren’t. Doing this will result in you becoming a part of a fraternity that you don’t really fit into, and in the end, you will not be happy. Don’t talk about how you like partying, or girls, or any other stereotypes that greek life is known for. And most importantly, don’t be a tryhard.

If you show up to a rush event acting like you own the place, it probably isn’t going to go well for you. So, as long as you show up, are easy to talk to, and fit in with everyone else, it should go pretty well. If it doesn’t feel right, or you feel like the people around you aren’t your type of people, go rush somewhere else. The worst mistake you can make is by suicide rushing and only having your heart set on one fraternity. Approach rush with an open mind and see where it takes you.

While you are at the rush events, socialize and talk to brothers as much as possible. Sometimes, it can be a bit intimidating showing up to a house full of people you don’t know. But, you are going to have to get out of your comfort zone in order to get a bid from these people. Walk up to brothers, introduce yourself, and show that you are interested in becoming a part of their brotherhood. Make eye contact with them while you are talking, and act confident. It is extremely easy to tell when someone is nervous, and it makes us just as uncomfortable as you are.

When the conversation dies down a bit, show yourself out of it. Don’t just stand around silently waiting for them to talk to you. If it gets quiet, and they don’t try to introduce you to anyone else, go introduce yourself to someone else. In the long run, it will make a big difference.

And finally, do not ever ask about getting a bid. Asking a brother how to get a bid or what you need to do in order to get one will never end well. Socialize and do everything else mentioned in this article, and you should get one, but again, do not ask.

What to talk about.

As I have mentioned, the biggest part about rush events is talking to the brothers and getting to know everyone. But during this conversation, you need to be talking about the right things to not come across as a weirdo. So, to make this a bit easier, let’s break this down into things you shouldn’t talk about:

  • how many girls you pulled in high school
  • how many girls you have pulled in college
  • how much like to party
  • how much you like to drink
  • brag about your shotgun time
  • politics
  • how much you hate other fraternities

As long as you don’t mention these things, you should be fine. Again, be yourself, and don’t try to impress them. If you are a genuinely good PNM, you will get a bid.

The bid process.

If the brothers like you and you are getting along with everyone, you are probably going to receive a bid. The recruitment chair will likely pull you into a room and tell you how everyone likes you and how you are being invited to join.

When this happens, you will have three options: accept, deny, or hold. It is always a good idea to hold your bid for a little bit, while you check out other fraternities. There is no penalty for this, and it will allow you to look around to make sure the fraternity you are at is your best choice. Sometimes, you may get along with other people better than the ones you are currently rushing.

So, explore all possible avenues and see what works for you. Hold your bid if you feel like there may be a better option. But, if you really are persistent on the fraternity you got your bid from, accept it.

When I showed up to the rush events for my fraternity, I had no idea what to expect. So, I figured I would make this article to help everyone who was in the same situation that I was in. Hopefully, this provides some insight into what your experience will be like and helps you to get a bid. Have fun pledging! I’ve heard it’s super easy.

If you are curious if greek life is the right thing for you, check out my article talking about the benefits of joining greek life in college.



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